Podcast Archives 2013

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March 2013: Dr. Lorraine Hurley - Vaccines, it's dangers, what to do (Technical error, some dead air till about the 1:23 mark.)

March 2013: Matt Navarro on the Dr. Lorraine Hurley shows

March 2013: Harlold Saive - Chemtrails / Geoengineering

April 2013 - Harold Saive - Chemtrails/Geoengineering and false flag terror operations

April 2013: Author Charles Irwin - The Act of 1871: "Why don't they teach this in school? How we lost our Constitution.

May 2013: Dave Corso -  The man behind Wolf Spirit Radio, Ex CIA?

June 2013: Dr. Magosia Cegielski - Flouride, it's dangers; How Portland beat the push for flouride in their water.

June 2013: United We Strike Roundtable - UWS past and future.  Who and what United We Strike is. Are you awaike?

July 2013: Dinah Everett Snyder - GMO food; it's dangers and what to do

September 2013: Larry Pinkney - Resisting the New World Odor

Ocotober 2013: Dane Wigington - WSR Chemtrails / Geoengineering,

October 2013: Dane Wigington - UWS Chemtrails / Geoingineering what and why they are spraying in our skies

October 2013: Erin Dakins - Preparedness, what to have in an emergency

 November 2013: Dr. Rebecca Carley - Vaccines used as bio-weapon

December 2013: Barbara Peterson - GMO food, it's dangers

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